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Dr. Edward F. Overton


Any consideration of the high school athletic program would seem to be incomplete without attention being given to the method of its financing.

"Since athletics first came into our nation's school system, means and ways and have been sought by which they could be financed." Great strides have been made in raising the status of the athletic program. However, there remain schools that are confronted with the continuous problem of financing their total interscholastic athletic programs. In that face of rising costs of athletic equipment and operation there is tendency to reduce the activities of the interscholastic program and place undue strain upon the administration of the schools involved.

Every high school should place special emphasis on its interscholastic program. The efforts devoted to the matter are small. The results are rewarding. Up-to-date inventory, accurate budgets, and well administered financial programs for interscholastic athletics are but a few of its rewards.

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