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Master of Science


Business Administration


The purpose of the thesis 1 s to show something of the seriousness of the alcohol problem as it is effecting business and industrial organisations. At the same time I have tried to develop information which will be useful to management, especially in the Richmond area, in combating the problem.

Much of the information obtained has been on a confidential basis which has been necessary because of the nature of the problem.

I wish to thank all of those who have taken the time to furnish information. I particularly wish to thank Dr. Thomas S. Berry, Dr. Milton A. Maxwell, and Mr. Kenneth Lee for valued advice and encouragement.

Many others have contributed and include heads of business organizations and their medical staff members, statisticians, medical directors end others connected with medical centers. I wish to acknowledge the invaluable help of Dr. Ebbe Hoff and Mrs. George Ossman, members of the team at the Medical College Clinic for Alcoholics.

My thanks also goes to those in the community who are working so valiently to lessen the alcohol problem in the City of Richmond and Counties of Henrico and Chesterfield. Many of these people have offered suggestions and have allowed me to attend meetings and discussions held within the areas mentioned.

And lastly to "AA" who are doing an outstanding job in Richmond. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to a wonderful organization and a fine Richmond group.