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Master of Arts



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Dr. Barbara K. Sholley


This study examined 40 selected items from the Student Information Form that had been identified as representing cultural differences between men and women at the United States Military Academy. A principal components analysis of the data collected from 3005 male and 314 female cadets yielded 7 factors for men and 6 factors for women suitable for interpretation. As hypothesized, men and women were found to have similar cultual values, attitudes and experiences based on their similar factor structures. Next, item responses from 58 women attriters were compared to responses from the nonattriters. Using all the factors identified for the women, a discriminant function analysis to predict attrition resulted in the correct classification of 70% of the women. This exploratory approach is unique in that it is an attempt to predict and understand attrition of women from West Point through comparison to a norm of success based on women. Recommendations are made to focus future research on experiences and attitudes towards sexual harrassment at West Point along with measures of cultural ideation to better understand the dynamics which effect attrition.

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