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Summer 1952

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Master of Science




Many problems face our colleges today, and certainly one of the most serious ot these is that of student withdrawals. This also has been a major concern of the officials of Richmond College, and as a result it was suggested that this particular study be undertaken. Therefore, a thorough analysis of this situation was begun,with the hope of arriving at some conclusions which will help to eliminate or reduce at J.east a part of the major causes of student mortality, at Richmond College.

In undertaking this study careful consider­ ation was given to the selection of a group which would be most representative of the present day situation. After much deliberation it was decided that the Freshman Class entering in September, 1946, could be used to the best advantage. It was found that out of the 523 students listed on the roster, 260 of them had to be eliminated because they had been enrolled at Richmond College prior·to September, 1946, they had transferred from another college, or they did not enter Richmond College until February, 1947. The remaining 263 bona-fide freshmen are those whose records were thoroughly investigated, and upon which this study is based. This group was chosen because it contained a large number of both veteran and non­ veteran students, and it was also at this time that a more concentrated effort was put forth to determine the reasons for student withdrawals. The plan of this study was to make an investigation of this class beginning with their entry in September, 1946, until June, 1952; and to determine the causes and related causes for their withdrawal.

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