Date of Award

Spring 1952

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Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Ralph C. McDanel


In beginning a study of' Virginia's historical markers it is well to review the economic background which provided tho necessary impetus to initiate the program. The introduction of more labor saving devices, shorter hours of work, improved transportation facilities, and better tourist accommodations, had encouraged the spending of newly acquired leisure in travel. The economic advantages to be gained in having tourists spend more time in our State became increasingly evident as Chambers of Commerce and other public spirited organizations became aware of the need of improving and enlarging their own communities. This awakening to the advantages which were to be gained in appealing to travelers came to the attention of our legislative body. In 1926 the General Assembly, with an ear attuned to the desires and needs of the people, passed two important legislative acts which were to have direct results in helping to develop our Virginia resources and in attracting persons from without our borders who might contribute to this united endeavor. The first of these acts provided for the creation of the Department of Conservation and Development. Also, it endowed the Commission with sufficient authority to create such set-up, subject to the consent of the governor, as it deemed necessary to carry out its own general functions.