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Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

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Dr. Robert S. Kelley

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia B. Strait

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Dr. James L. Narduzzi


The looming retirement of the baby boom generation will increase recruiting cost and intensify the war for talent. Recent studies have shown that employee retention will be the primary business concern over the next five to ten years. The transformation of a perfunctory exit interview into a powerful recruiting and retention tool could supply a strategic advantage over competitors. Exit interviews provide an opportunity for organizations to glean valuable insight within their ranks. Prior research investigating the validity of the exit interview has shown that departing employees are uncomfortable and reluctant of revealing candid feedback during in-house interviews. The methodology of this study includes interviews with businesses listed on FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to work for," along with human resource professionals and organizational leaders from the private sector and local police departments. Their collective responses suggest that outsourcing exit interviews in conjunction with follow-up questionnaires are best practices.