Beth Bruner

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Marcia Gibson

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia Strait

Third Advisor

Dr. James Narduzzi


Public Safety applicants have declined nationwide over the last several years, including those individuals applying to Norfolk Fire-Rescue (NFR). Declining applicants can be attributed to change in generational births, effects of 9/11, and change from the 18 year old high school graduate to a midtwenty year old college student. An applicant pool decrease requires more effective recruitment efforts. This study examines the NFR 2006 hiring process from written exam through applicants' hiring. A nonrandomized survey design examined 245 surveys of all exam applicants. Measured constructs included recruitment sources and demographic data and were analyzed specifically with regard to those who were hired. Demographic data was examined to determine whether or not department recruitment sources are varied to attract diverse individuals. Hypotheses were tested for acceptance, including typical applicant characteristics and recruitment sources. Analysis of Variance was used to examine the survey results in order to draw conclusions and make recommendations.