Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Marcia Gibson

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia Strait

Third Advisor

Dr. James Narduzzi


There is a proliferation of leadership development programs for members of the law enforcement community. This study examined whether various leadership development programs met the needs of strategic law enforcement executives. One hundred law enforcement leaders were asked to complete and return a multi-facet survey on which they ranked their perceptions of the leadership development programs attended using a Likert rating scale. Additionally, the participants were asked to rate responses regarding post-undergraduate education in leadership. Sixteen of the one hundred participated. Participants indicated an overall satisfaction with the individual programs and indicated that each program met their individual leadership needs. Further, participants indicated that post-undergraduate education leadership could benefit the attendee in terms of future promotions. It appears that current leadership development programs meet the needs of executive leaders and there is support for additional education in this field.