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Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

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Dr. Robert S. Kelley


Health care costs have accelerated at alarming rates for the last decade, outpacing wage growth and inflation according to The Kaiser Family Foundation... These costs have an impact on everyone. Since 2000, premiums have grown by 73 percent, yet wages have only grown by 15 percent (The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005)... One alternative being evaluated by organizations is the on-site employee health clinic or OSHEC. The in-house doctor is not a new concept; however, the new approach is more comprehensive, delivering a myriad of services to employees beyond treatment of workplace injuries. The OSHEC has emerged as a more holistic approach to providing employees with quality-affordable health care in a convenient package... This research investigations purpose is to review the concept of the on-site employee health clinic (OSHEC) and evaluate the possible return on investment into such a clinic. This study will provide a qualitative analysis of the OSHEC concept.