Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Russell L. Leonard, Jr.

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia B. Strait

Third Advisor

Dr. James L. Narduzzi


This research investigates the question whether or not Wellness Programs are available to police officers throughout Virginia. Research has shown these programs to be beneficial in reducing the health risks associated with police work. Police departments may also see a decrease in sick leave and work related injuries. In order to address the research question, a questionnaire was distributed to 150 police departments throughout Virginia. A total of 57.7 percent of the departments reported the availability of a voluntary Wellness Program. Based on a lack of data, the findings suggest that the departments are not evaluating the effectiveness of their programs. This study contends that police officers and police departments can benefit from a properly implemented Wellness Program.