Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Marcia Gibson

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia B. Strait

Third Advisor

Dr. James L. Narduzzi


This study investigated Norfolk Fire-Rescue (NFR) officers' attitudes and perception toward cell phones/email. What are the attitudes of NFR towards email/cell phones? What negative aspects of email/cell phones are affecting NFR? Do the negative aspects of information technologies increase with rank? Do the officers of NFR feel that classes aimed at "technological stress or information overload," would be beneficial to the department? NFR officers responded to a forced-choice survey about negative impact of cell phones/email focusing on use patterns, perceptions of negative impact, and attitudes towards cell phones/email. NFR officers are very supportive of email/cell phones, despite the negative affects that they may be experiencing across multiple dysfunctional areas. Chiefs reported higher levels of negative perceptions than Lieutenants and Captains, demonstrating that negative impacts of cell phones/email may increase with rank. Additionally, 75% of respondents believed classes addressing "technological stress" or "information overload" would be beneficial to NFR.