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Dr. Hugh West

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Dr. Robert C. Kenzer


The Unity School of Christianity's theology shares key characteristics with Aristotle's philosophical worldview, which have enabled it to meet the challenges of twentieth century America. Unity was founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in Kansas CIty, and has become a thriving religious movement in the United States and worldwide. A comparison of Unity's theology with Aristotle's philosophy finds that both share a pragmatic focus on physical life and its attributes instead of an afterlife; both accept the world as inherently good in nature; and both see underlying order and interconnection in the world. Both also see purpose in the world and its life, and require people to exercise intellect and intuition to achieve their purpose, which brings them closest to attaining divinity. These characteristics best suited Unity for twentieth century America just as Aristotle's philosophy succeeded only in other successful, intellectually advanced civilizations throughout history.

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