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Master of Arts



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Dr. John Marx

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Dr. Anthony Russell

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Dr. Gary Shapiro


Gilles Deleuze and D.H. Lawrence, the philosopher with a poetic writing and the literary man with a philosophical project, invite us to consider their affinities and differences. An unavoidable trace of the Lawrence in Deleuze has not received the attention it should. This lack of critical attention makes the enterprise more worthy of initiation. To demonstrate something of the relationship between them, this essay is divided into three parts that gloss their main points of intersection and difference. I begin with the question of what is at stake in such a comparative endeavor. In the second section, I focus on the problem of subjectivity in Lawrence, and compare Lawrencian selves in such novels as The Rainbow and Women in Love to the fluid subjectivity associated with some Deleuzian concepts. Lastly, I consider how Deleuze's concept of the assemblage is at work in Lawrence's stories of different sorts of subjectivities that combine.