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Master of Arts



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Dr. Barbara K. Sholley

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Dr. Scott Allison

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Dr. Catherine Bagwell


Group polarization, social norms, and misperceptions of normative body weight were evaluated in sorority and non-sorority (comparison) undergraduate women at the University of Richmond. The participants completed the Eating Disorder Inventory-2, the Weight Locus of Control Scale, the Rosenburg Self-esteem Scale, the Multidimensional Body- Self Relations Questionnaire, and several self-report questions. Sorority and comparison participants significantly misperceived normative body weight. One sorority differed significantly from the other groups on misperception of normative body weight and the Eating Disorder Inventory-2. The comparison group had significantly lower scores than the three sororities on the Self-Esteem Scale. The four instruments did not significantly predict normative body weight misperception. Because the misperception of ideal body weight is so pervasive, a social norms campaign advertising normative body weight could be very successful.

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Psychology Commons