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Master of Science



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Dr. Gary P. Radice

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Dr. Valerie M. Kish

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Dr. Jennifer Wayne


Cartilage does not normally repair lesions. Cartilage induced to regenerate experimentally degenerates quickly, perhaps because stresses of articulation do not allow normal extracellular matrix to develop. I examined normal cartilage from dogs, pigs, rabbits, and humans, and canine patellar tissue regenerated in a stress-shielded environment. SEM of canine cartilage after trypsin digestion revealed meshworks of fibrils oriented with a bias normal to the surface in the deep zone, random in the middle zone, and parallel to the surface in the superficial zone. SEM after freeze-fracture revealed tubules of fibrils within the deep zone. I found no evidence of collagen arcades. In contrast, regenerated tissue contained parallel bundles of larger diameter fibrils. Regenerated tissue also had greater cell density and smaller cell volume than normal cartilage. Human articular cartilage had lesser cell density and greater cell volume than the cartilage of the lower mammals studied.

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