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Dr. John L. Gordon, Jr.

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Dr. Daniel M. Roberts, Jr.


In November 1584 Queen Elizabeth I summoned her fifth Parliament. Over twelve years had elapsed since Parliamentary elections had been conducted, which resulted in a young and inexperienced House of Commons in 1584. Normally Parliaments addressed the granting of a subsidy, local issues, and concerns of the realm. However, this Parliament's primary concerns were with the protection of Elizabeth and the safety of the realm. In the months preceding the Parliamentary session London began receiving signatures to the Bond of Association. This unique document implemented a unified front against any person or persons involved with the untimely death of Elizabeth. The grave concern over Elizabeth's and the realm's safety was compounded because of numerous plots and invasion attempts undertaken by the continental powers. These fears in addition to their normal parliamentary duties produced a body of men capable of achieving substantial legislation over a very short period of time.

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