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Master of Arts



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Dr. Ping Li

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Dr. Jane Berry

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Dr. Craig Kinsley


Contemporary metaphor theory has moved away from consideration of metaphor as a similarity statement or comparison, and toward the idea that metaphor is a temporary or permanent extension of our taxonomy of concepts in long-term memory. However, this new emphasis has resulted in a divergent pattern of results in the literature. This research was designed to integrate that pattern by testing for the role of categorization in the comprehension of metaphor, and seeing whether multiple models were needed to explain that role. Experiment 1 failed to support access of metaphorical categories in the understanding of familiar metaphors. Experiment 2 found no evidence of categorical extension or access in the understanding of metaphors, but found some support for the contention that multiple models of metaphor processing may be needed to account for all the ways in which a metaphor may be comprehended.

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