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Master of Arts


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. John W. Outland

Second Advisor

Dr. John Whelan

Third Advisor

Dr. Daniel J. Palazzolo


To illustrate President Ford's impact on United States' foreign policy, this thesis looks at his early life, his Congressional career and his brief tenure as Vice President. From there, it focuses on the differences between Ford and President Nixon. The paper looks at their personalities, decision-making styles, and their styles of leadership. Next, it analyzes the major international events that took place during Ford's years in the White House. These events include the fall of South Vietnam and Cambodia, communist intervention in Angola and Ford's dealings with the Soviet Union and The Peoples' Republic of China. Finally, the paper examines three post-Ford Administrations and the impact that Gerald Ford had on them. The evidence supports the author's contention that Gerald Ford had a substantial impact on the foreign policy of the United States during and after his Presidency.