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Master of Science



First Advisor

Dr. W. John Hayden

Second Advisor

Dr. Rafael O. de Sa

Third Advisor

Dr. Miles F. Johnson


This thesis is a taxonomic revision of Discocarpus, a genus of three species of trees from seasonally inundated forests of northern South America. Discocarpus is classified in the family Euphorbiaceae. The Euphorbiaceae or spurge family is a large and diverse taxon of angiosperms consisting of approximately 7000 species placed in 300 genera, comprising 49 tribes and 5 subfamilies (Webster 1994b). The origin of the family is likely Western Gondwanaland, and the earliest fossils identified as Euphorbiaceae date to the Paleocene (Raven & Axelrod 1974). The family is predominately tropical, however, species of Euphorbiaceae are important throughout most of the world except arctic and alpine regions (Raven & Axelrod 1974).

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Biology Commons