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Master of Arts



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Dr. Robert C. Kenzer

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Dr. R. Barry Westin

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Dr. David C. Evans


This work examines fraud in the United States Civil War Military Pension system from 1882-1909 by showing how one attorney, Augustus Parlett Lloyd, defrauded the government on numerous occasions without ever being punished. Research for this work was conducted by studying a group of seventy-three African-American veterans who relied on Lloyd to assist in the application process and by using federal pension records, the manuscript census records, vital statistics, records of the federal Pension Bureau, and several secondary works to explore how Lloyd related to his clients, his associates and the Pension Bureau. This study concludes that Lloyd, the most fraudulent attorney in Baltimore, openly engaged in unethical practices, and was able to avoid convictions for these violations of the pension laws due to the nature of his clientele, his influence in the community and deficiencies in the pension system.

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