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Master of Science



First Advisor

Dr. William G. Shanabruch

Second Advisor

Dr. Valerie M. Kish

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Dr. Bradley W. Goodner


The identification and characterization of DNA damage-inducible genes is an important topic in the study of the integrity of the cellular genome. Previously, a TnlO-lacZ derivative was inserted randomly into yeast cells and the resulting mutants were screened for insertions in DNA damage-inducible genes. S. cerevisiae strain D43 was identified as one such TnlO-lacZ insertion mutant. DNA sequencing results show the insertion in D43 is located within the TDH2 gene, which encodes glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. Treatment of strain D43 with DNA damaging agents and heat shock suggest TDH2 is responsive to DNA damage, but not to heat shock. Haploid mutants carrying the tdh2 insertion mutation from strain D43 have been successfully created. The induction of TDH2 gene expression in haploid tdh2 mutants treated with DNA damaging agents is similar to that observed in strain D43. These results identify TDH2 as a new DNA damage-inducible gene in S. cerevisiae.

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Biology Commons