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Master of Arts



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Dr. Louis Schwartz

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Dr. Anthony Russell

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Dr. Jo McMurtry


The operative figure for describing John Donne's religious poem, La Corona, is not a circle, as it has often been characterized, but a spiral. This figure incorporates the linear narrative and climax of the poem while maintaining the circularity of on-going spiritual experience. Scholars such as Patrick O'Connell and Elizabeth Hodgson are correct in viewing the poem as Donne's "ars poetica sacra" - his apologetic for the religious poet. But such scholars see either a climax and resolution for the speaker of La Corona or an unresolved question of his place as a poet. This paper argues that while the speaker of the poem does reach a spiritual crisis and learns a lesson of faith, that lesson is not finished in the eschatological sense. The linked sonnets of the poem take the reader back to the beginning of the poem with a new understanding and ability to continue the catechism.