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Master of Arts



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Dr. James Tromater

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Dr. Scott Allison

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Dr. Warren Hopkins


This study investigated the relationship between Jungian type personality dimensions and an intrapersonal values conflict resolution. Seventy subjects filled out the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which assesses the sixteen Jungian personality types. Subjects returned in approximately two weeks to complete the Values Conflict Resolution Assessment (VCRA) which assesses the degree of their resolution about a particular values conflict. It was hypothesized that the thinking-feeling function of mind would positively correlate with scores on the Ethical-Emotional subscale and negatively correlate with scores on the Rational-Behavioral subscale of the VCRA. The result did not confirm our hypotheses. Reliablilty and a principal components analysis with a varimax rotation was performed to determine if the VCRA is an appropiate tool for the college undergraduate population. It is suggested that caution be used when interpreting the VCRA with undergraduates.

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Psychology Commons