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Master of Arts


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. John W. Outland

Second Advisor

Dr. Ellis M. West


As new areas of the world and outer space have been discovered and explored, man has had to develop regulations to govern the use of these new areas. However, it was not until man possessed the technological means of extracting or using the resources of these new areas that there was an urgent need to develop regulations for the oceans and space. Although some regulations have been established in regards to such areas as the deep sea-bed and remote sensing, there is still a need for the international community's acceptance of these laws. Under-developed nations view the resources discovered within these two areas as the common heritage of mankind. In other words, these natural resources should belong not to one country, but to all nations to be used and studied for the benefit of mankind. Because of their immensely complex nature, it is impossible to touch upon every debatable aspect of LOS and OSL. I have devoted my attention to the obstacles facing the common heritage of mankind principle.