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Master of Science



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Dr. Wilton R. Tenney

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Dr. W. John Hayden

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Dr. Francis B. Leftwich


Forty-three sample sites representing seven plant associations were surveyed for cellular slime molds in the James River basin from the head-waters to the mouth of the James River. Dictyostelium mucoroides, Q. minutum, Q. purpureum, D. discoideum, Polysphondylium violaceum and P. pallidum were found in all associations. Dictyostelium lacteum was found in all but the Maple-Basswood association. The remaining species were unique to the Alluvial Hardwood association and the following respective forest types: D. polycephalum to Oak-Hickory, D. giganteum to Oak-Hickory and Mixed Mesophytic, and D. rosarium to Mixed Mesophytic. A percentage similarity test indicated that, with regards to the observed dictyostelid flora, sample sites were most similar to those within the same plant association.

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