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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Barbara K. Sholley

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Dr. Kenneth A. Blick

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Dr. James Polyson


The current study assessed whether educational level and ultimate religious motivation were positively correlated with general tolerance, while fundamentalism and tolerance were negatively correlated. One hundred eighty-five subjects at least 21 years of age were recruited from seven different Christian orientations. Educational level and ultimate religious motivation, as measured by an Intrinsic Motivation Scale, were positively correlated with tolerance measured by the Jackson Personality Inventory Tolerance Scale. A significant negative correlation was displayed between tolerance and fundamentalism as measured by an Orthodoxy Scale. In addition, a multiple regression analysis showed that fundamentalism was negatively correlated with tolerance, while ultimate religious motivation was positively correlated with tolerance. Education was not found to be significantly correlated with tolerance. Differences among denominations and implications of these findings were also discussed.

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Psychology Commons