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In August of 1954,many people were astonished to read that the new president of Brazil, Cafe Filho, was a Protestant. When this occurred, it was scarcely known outside of Brazil that the influence o.f the Protestants there is greatly out of proportion to their numbers.

It would be an almost impossible task to try to trace from the United States, the development of the whole Protestant movement in Brazil. Therefore, this writer has limited the scope or this paper to a scant survey of the beginning of the Protestant missionary work in Brazil, and more particularly to a thorough study of the life of Dr. George W. Butler who was one of the first missionaries of the North Brazil Presbyterian Mission in the state or Pernambuco. The purpose of this paper is to study Dr. Butler's work and his influence on the people with whom he and his associates came in contact . It will attempt to show that his work met a great need and was extremely beneficial to the community and to the state.

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