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Master of Arts



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Dr. Kenneth A. Blick

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Dr. Barbara K. Sholley

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Dr. Warren P. Hopkins


This study investigated the hypotheses that subjects' scores on the trait of endurance would have s. positive, significant correlation with their recall of endurance-related adjectives, and that subjects' scores on the trait of affiliation would have a positive, significant correlation with their recall of affiliation-related words. One hundred forty-five male and female undergraduates from the University of Richmond answered questions from the Affiliation and Endurance scales of the Personality Research Form (Jackson, 1967). As a separate task subjects decided whether or not each of fortyeight adjectives described themselves. Sixteen of these adjectives referred to endurance, sixteen to affiliation, and sixteen were filler words. After performing a nine minute, nonverbal distractor task, subjects were asked to recall as many of the adjectives as they could. The correlations found between the subjects• scores on the two personality traits and the number of content specific adjectives recalled for those two traits was not significant. It was concluded that the concept that personality traits serve·as self-schemata in memory is not generalizable to the traits of endurance and affiliation.

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