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Although research has shown that psychological needs change as a person ages, available data on the relationship of psychological needs and types of residential institutions for the elderly are limited. The purpose of this study was to explore the possible connection between a particular residential environment and the elderly's psychological needs. Forty-five elderly females ages 62 through 89, participated in this study. Subjects were chosen from one of three residential groups, community, religious affiliated institutions, and public institutions. All subjects were asked to complete the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. In addition, demographic data were collected on each subject. Results from the study indicate that the groups differ significantly on their scores for the following scales of the EPPS: Deference, Order, Endurance, and Heterosexuality. However, based on the scores from the other eleven scales of the EPPS, no other significant differences were present among the group. It was also established in this study that the norms published in the EPPS are generalizable to this sample population. It was concluded that the elderly' s residential envirornment is related to particular existing needs.

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