Date of Award

Spring 1948

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Business Administration


It is not the purpose of this thesis to provide a dissertation on the inner workings of a fire insurance policy. That has been done many times in the past by persons far more capable. In fact, that has been almost the sole approach uaed in writing in the fire insurance field

The attempt is rather to provide a different approach to te business . . . that of the agent, the fieldman, and the production staff.

It has been necessary to define the terms to be used just as in any other project. However, the space and effort given to the technical portions of the contract and the historical background is for the purpose of providing the foundation upon which to build the thesis, and not the thesis itself.

A manufactured product is of little utility until it reaches its ultimate consumer or user. This is likewise true of fire insurance . . . The company can develop the finest coverages in the world but they no use until sold to the owner of property. Therefore, this study and paper views the entire fire insurance industry from the position of those who are delivering :fire insurance protection to the public.