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Master of Arts



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Dr. Frederick J. Kozub

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Dr. William H. Leftwich

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Dr. Francis B. Leftwich


The effect of functional ceco tomy on ingestion and excretory behavior in the rat was viewed as a short term (ST) and long term (LT) stress adjustment. Findings in bo th ST and LT conditio ns were discussed in terms of the Mayerian parameters of precision, rapidity, sensitivity, and reliability. Under functional cecotomy water intake, fecal moisture content and dry fecal weight increased. Food intake remained constant. Stress adjustment in terms of the 4 parameters of ST and LT regulation were discussed as correlations and their accompanying standard errors over daily, 3-day, and 7-day time intervals. The standard error s increased with stress. The results agreed with Mayer's findings which indicated that LT regulation is less rapid and less precise than ST regulation.

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Psychology Commons