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Master of Arts



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Dr. Robert J. Filer

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Dr. Barbara K. Sholley

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Dr. Robin C. Tucker


An experiment was designed in order to measure the attitude toward work of 50 males and 50 females in a student sample and of 39 male managers and 39 female managers in a bank sample. The attitude scale, presented to the Ss, was designed by the author and contained 50 statements. Each of 44 statements pertained either to a Motivation factor, e.g. achievement, responsibility, etc. or to a Hygiene factor, e.g. salary, status, etc. with the remaining six used as Fillers. All statistical tests were performed at the .01 level of significance. An analysis of variance revealed a significant three factor interaction . Analysis of simple effects revealed: (1) Motivator scores were significantly higher than Hygiene scores for males in each sample; (2) Motivator scores were significantly higher than Hygiene scores for females in each sample; and (3) Motivator scores for female managers were significantly higher than Motivator scores for female students. There was no significant difference in Motivator scores or in Hygiene scores between sexes.

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Psychology Commons