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Master of Arts



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Dr. Joanne C. Preston

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Dr. William E. Walter

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Dr. Jean M. Dickinson


The rel ationshi p between sex-typing and the interacti on of col l ege students with 2- to 4-year-ol d male and female children was examined. Seventy-one Introductory Psychol ogy students were admini stered the Bern Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI), which was scored in terms of the 7 factors introduced by Walker & Preston (1979). Small groups of 3 and 4 individuals were randomly selected to spend 20 minutes in the Child Development Lab, where they had the opportunity to interact with the children, to play with the toys, to observe, and to inter­ act with each other. The behavior of each individual within the groups of students was recorded by trained raters observing through a 1 -way mirror. Although it was predicted that the factors of Nurturance and Autonomy would account for the majority of the variance, a canonical correlation failed to indicate significant results. Results are discussed in terms of the behavioral observation technique employed, the predicting value of the BSRI, and implications for future research.

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Psychology Commons