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The prpose of this thesis is two-fold: First, it is the author's intention to present a short biography of John Churchill from his birth in 1650 to the outbreak of the great continental war of 1700. The second and primary purpose is to evaluate Marlborough 's military role during the War of Spanish Succession, while serving as Commander in Chief, Allied Armies, on the Continent. The four major battles to be emphasized in this section are Blenheim, 1704; Ramilles, 1706; Oudenarde, 1706; and Malpaquet, 1709, with primary emphasis on Blenheim. The central theme of this thesis is to illustrate how Marlborough 's mastery of the battlefield completely revolutionized both strategy and tactics of land warfare. During each of the four campaigns, his tactics, overall strategy, logistics, support, lines of communications, cavalry and artillery employment, and personal leadership will be evaluated.

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