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Samples of runoff were collected during storms from four different areas within the drainage basin of Westhampton Lake, Richmond, Virginia, between October, 1977, and January, 1978. The areas were a residential area, concrete street gutter, asphalt parking lot, and broadleaf forest.

The samples were analyzed for pH, levels of reactive phosphate, nitrate, and turbidity, and their effects on the growth of algae from Westhampton Lake.

The pH of runoff from the residential area, gutter, and forest usually ranged between 6-7 and the parking lot usually ranged between 4-5. Levels of turbidity varied considerably between storms and areas. Runoff from the forest had the highest levels of turbidity and reactive phosphate. Runoff from parking lot had the lowest level of turbidity. Nitrate was most concentrated in runoff from the gutter and lowest from runoff from the parking lot.

Runoff from the different areas did not have different effects on growth of algae. Cultures grown in mixtures of runoff and lake water had similar coefficients of growth and carrying capacities . They had slightly lower coefficients of growth and carrying capacities than cultures grown solely in lake water . Physical and chemical character­ izations, therefore, are not adequate for predicting the impact of such runoff on the growth of algae in receiving bodies of water.

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