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Summer 1949

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Master of Arts




A study of women's clothes shows that they have played their part and have been of great importance in reflecting the thought and culture of the time. A study of fashion fancies and desires has proven fascinating and the Crinoline period had a wealth of charming costumes and ideas.

I have tried to differentiate between the decades, using the thirties as a mere transition period to the time generally referred to as Crinoline. The Appendices have been compiled for the purpose of easier identification of the actual clothing of the period. From the museums, I have taken pictures and obtained postcards. A list of those used with abbreviations for identification are: Metropolitan Museum and Costume Institute, New York City (MM); National Gallery of Art , Washington, D.C. (NGA); Phillips Gallery, Washington, D.C. ( PG ); and the Valentine Museum, Richmond, Va (VM) .

The main source for women's fashions of this time was the Lady's Book published by Louis A. Godey and edited by Mrs. Sarah Joseph Hale. This source represents the body of the paper, and, as monthly issues were perused over a period of twenty years, (1840-1860) constant reference is made to these publications.

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