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All first and third graders from a surburban public school were administered the Kerby Learning Modalities Test (KLMT) and the Metropolitan Achievement Test Battery (MAT). The relationship between the MAT reading compre­ hension subtest percentile scores, the KLMT overall visual percentile scores, and the KLMT overall auditory percentile scores were explored through the use of Regression Analysis and other correlational techniques. The various correlations were used in several prediction models. There was no significant difference (p> .01) between the .full model predicting Reading Comprehension (RC) with Auditory (A) and Visual (V) and the restricted model predicting RC with A; however there was signifi- cant difference (p> .01) between the full model and the restricted model predicting RC with V. These results demonstrated that there was a high positive relation­ ship between MAT-RC percentile scores and KLMT-A percentile scores; while there was no significant relationship between MAT-RC percentile scores and KLMT-V percentile scores.

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