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Prior exposure to difficult motor conflicts has been shown to impede later performance in resolving easier conflicts. To determine if similar negative transfer occurred with verbal conflicts, 80 undergraduates resolved conflicts formed by pairig seven personal characteristic adjectives. Additional transfer effects associated with moving from easier to more difficult conflicts were also examied. Using a conflict resolution board, one group of Ss resolved 10 double approach-avoidance (DAP-AV} conflicts followed by 10 approach-approach (AP-AP} conflicts, and another group transferred from AP-AP to DAP-AV. Two additional groups, which resolved 20 conflicts of the same type (AP-AP or DAP-AV), were used in assessing relative transfer effects. Results from five two-factor ANOVA' s indicated longer resolution times associated with DAP-AV conflicts, but no absolute or relative transfer in either direction, < .05. Failure to show generalization of conflict-specific responses may have resulted from procedural artifacts. Refinements of procedure and some implications for future research were discussed.

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