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Spring 1947

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Master of Science




Herein is presented a study of selected educational phases of the United States Armed Forces Institute, located at Madison, Wisconsin, from the date of its establishment to 1 January 1947. The study includes the history, purpose, achievements, and significance of USAFI, along with the conclusions of the author after the study was made.

Up to the present time very little, of a formal nature, has been written regarding USAFI; therefore, most of the material presented bas been taken from files, memoranda, bulletins, forms, and USAFI catalogues.

The author was stationed at USAFI for one year as a navy educational officer and had the opportunity of observing and studying at first hand the work carried on by all Divisions and Sections. Valuable aid and information were received from section chiefs by means of lectures, interviews, and discussions. Background data were also secured from the original and older civilian employees.

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