Date of Award

Spring 1972

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Master of Science




A special need for methods to determine low concentrations of organic peroxides originated because of their hazardous and harmful effects, Even the small amounts of organic peroxide formed by autoxidation in ethers exposed to air make the ethers highly explosive and unsuitable for use as anesthesia or laboratory solvents. The formation of organic peroxides in fats and oils causes rancidity. They have been named as pollutants, and some of them are known to have detrimental physiological effects.

The purpose of this research was to improve this method of analysis and to determine better conditions for the measurement of color by studying the separate effects of the solvents used, and the effect of pH, the amine concentration, and the order of addition of reagents. The purpose also was to learn more about the reaction that occurs and to identify, if possible, one or more of the colored products.

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Chemistry Commons