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Summer 1970

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Master of Science




The effects of estradiol and ovine growth hormone (GH) on liver and plasma protein of hypophysectomized Nat rix fasciata (southern banded water snake) were investigated. Liver and plasma protein concentrations were determined colorimetrically end expressed a mg/gm wet weight tissue.

Significant increases in liver protein levels occurred 48 and 7 hours after a single injection of estradiol in hypophysectomized animals. A single injection of GH had a like effect . Estradiol had a greater effect on liver protein levels than did GH. When estradiol and GH were administered together to hypophysectomized animals there was no apparent additive effect of the two hormones in increasing liver protein; the increase in liver protein being essentially like that of estradiol treatment alone.

The two hormones did not promote an increase in plasma protein concentrations of hypophysectomized animals.

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Biology Commons