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Summer 1969

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Master of Arts




Through the medium or television our senses are everyday bombarded by the sights and sounds of student unrest on our college campuses. Radical students take over campus buildings, go on strike and refuse to attend classes until their "demands" are met. They want a "piece of the action" even to the hiring and firing of professors, and will risk expulsion to attain their goals. Even conservative students demand that curricula and instruction be upgraded though their methods for achieving their goals are less disruptive or dramatic. Liberal youth today are demanding the right to smoke marijuana,to "trip" on LSD, to live in mixed dormitories, in essence to "do their own thing." Conservative students appear, at least, to be more content with the status quo and to pursue their education in a more traditional manner. The unsettling attitudes of students in this and other countries is a matter of concern to people the world over. It would seem, therefore, that a research project concerned 'With liberal and conservative attitudes has relevance to present-day life.

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