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Spring 1937

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Master of Arts




My purpose in writ1ng this paper came from the realization that the activities or many prominent men in the Colony during the early period of Virginia's history have been neglected by all historians. Realizing this fact, I am writing this paper with the purpose of better understanding and appreciating more the work which these men did. Samuel Mathews was the most prominent of these men and by looking at his life and activities, we can fully realize and appreciate the work which these men did. By looking at the life of Mathews, we can understand this whole period of Virginia history.

In this paper, I have tried to present a sketch of the life of Mathews based on the primary sources. Since there 1s little record of h1s life and activities while he was in England. I shall devote this entire paper except for a slight reference to his background in n study of h1a life after he came to the colony in the year 1622.

The only reference to his ancestry and background in England which the present writer has found is Memories of Virginia by Mrs. F. A. Darling which was published in Williamsburg in 1907. I am using this book as the source of all of my references to his background in England.

1nce she gave no bibliography nor footnotes in her book. I have been unable to check any of her statements. Therefore, in telling of the early l1fe of Mathews in England, I shall have to rely entirely on this book.

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