Date of Award

Summer 1969

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Modern Foreign Language


Tyrants speak with many voices, bold many poses, and cast many shadows, but inevitably all wear the same face--the tragic face of tyranny itself. Many artists have painted the portrait; few have captured the essence of its tragedy. Valle Inclan and Asturias, each in his own way, depict the world of tyranny as grotesque and absurd in order to show the tragic condition of man. It is my intent to describe and analyze this grotesque world of tyranny, as portrayed in Tirana Banderas and Senor Preeidente; to compare the techniques used by each writer to create this world; to interpret the ideological differences implicit in such a world; and finally to discover if either writer offers or even suggests a solution for improving the absurd and tragic human condition as they portray it. Since relatively little critical study of Asturias work has been done, El Señor Presidente offers the opportunity for an original investigative analysis. For this reason, major attention is devoted to Asturias's ideology rather than that of Valle Inclan's.