Date of Award

Summer 1968

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Master of Science




The effect s of estradios benzoate on protein synthesis by the isolated perfused liver of Natrix fasciata fasciata (Linnaeus, 1766), the southern banded water snake, were investigated. The incorpora­tion of carbon-14 labeled leucine into plasma protein of the liver perfusate was used as an index of protein synthesis by the perfused liver.

Both control and experimental livers demonstrated incorporation of the labeled leucine into plasma protein. However, estrogen treated livers expressed significantly greater incorporation of the amino acid into plasma protein giving an almost linear response. Total plasma protein levels were also significantly higher in the perfusions involving estrogen treated livers.

Electrophoresis of perfusate plasma revealed five distinct protein fractions. Two of these fractions increased significantly in the perfused livers treated with estradiol.

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Biology Commons