Date of Award

Summer 1967

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts




This thesis grew out of a paper presented in Dr. Joseph C. Robert's Civil War Seminar in January, 1967. At that time the topic was limited to a study of the subject with only a cursory narrative of his life.

The decision to expand this topic into a full biography was based on two factors. First, the need for such a study was pointed out by military historian Theodore Ropp in an article in the South Atlantic Quarterly on the Civil War. The second factor involved the material available for this biographical study. In 1966, a large manuscript collection (approx. 2800) items was presented to the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia. This collection, entitled Aylett Family Papers is centered around the correspondence of the subject of this biography, William Roane Aylett (1833-1900).

It is hoped that this thesis study will contribute to a better understanding of the Civil War period in Virginia.