Date of Award

Summer 1967

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts




Chaucer 's Pandarus has been an intriguing character for me ever since my first exposure, as an undergraduate, to Troilus and ­Criseyde. Pandarus interests me because he is true to human nature in that he is not consistently one way all of the time. Like most human beings, Pandarus has many facets to his nature; therefore, I find it distressing that many critics and students of Chaucer will not acknowledge this complexity but rather tend to want to stereotype him. If Pandarus were a simple, transparent character, then his rank in English literature would be considerably less significant. It is my purpose in this thesis, then, to discover and point out many of the facets of Pandarus' complex character and, through this probe, to give the reader a better understanding and appreciation of one of Chaucer's most famous characters.