Date of Award

Summer 1942

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Master of Science




Intellectually gifted children constitute one of a nation's greatest natural resources. High intelligence is the most important single attribute of the human race. All progress of civilization has probably been achieved through persons possessing special talents, together with a superior mind; all future progress will also depend on such persons with ability.

This study is delimited, first, by selecting the demarcating place at a point that will include all children falling in the hundredth percentile; the one per cent of the elementary school population thnt can enrn a 140 I. Q. or above on the Stanford-Binet Scale.These children will b called "gifted."

Secondly, this thesis is further delimited by using the Normative survey Technique method of research for the accumulation of data. The survey will be made or literature relative to; the characteristics of gifted children, how to discover gifted children, qualifications of gifted teachers, and the underlying principles or an individualized enriched curriculum based on needs and interests of gifted children.

It does not include materials for enrichment in specific curriculum areas; but it is concerned with broad over view of programs of instruction and a number of general techniques that have been used in various places.

Finally, the survey will include all literature that is available in the form of books, periodicals, articles in magazines and newspapers, and reports relative to the problem mentioned.

There have been few books, but more than five hundred articles have been written about gifted children in this new fiold of education in the last two decades. The literature is experimental and meager about the best methods of instruction and a curriculum. for gifted children.

The lack of knowledge relative to tho needs of gifted children has hindered the formation of a solution of many problems. Chapters II and Ill contain material which may be helpful to teachers who have gifted children in their class.

The following terms will be used synonymously in this thesis: gifted children, mentally superior children, intellectual superior children, super normal children and the bright pupil.