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Spring 1967

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Master of Arts




Four species of salientia representing three selected habitats were collected from May 5th through October 4th, 1966 and examined for parasites. Of the 116 host specimens, 30 were Rana catesbeiana Shaw; 29 clamitans Latreille; 29 Bufo fowleri Hinckley; 28 Hyla versi­color (Le Conte). A total of 34 species of parasites was recovered: Protozoa, 10; Trematoda, 9 ; Cestoda, 2; Nematoda, 11; Acanthocephala, 1; and Acarina, 1.

Although a relatively small number of hosts was examined , the results generally agree with those found in more extensive investigations of similar type. The aquatic hosts, R. catesbeiana and R. clamitans, harbored the greatest number of parasitic species. Infections of the terrestrial hosts, B. fowleri and H. versicolor, were fewer in number of species but significantly higher in number of specimens. Of the four representative hosts examined, the arboreal host, H. versicolor, showed fewer incidences of infection and harbored the least number of parasitic species.

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