Date of Award

Summer 1966

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Political Science


The problem as presented in this research will be (1) to present a profile study of the lobbyists in the State of Virginia; (2) to point out the techniques used by lobbyists as well as the cost of lobbying in Virginia; and (3) to point out existing as well as previous legislation dealing with lobbying and to show its effectiveness.

Th purpose of this thesis is not to synthesize all the available literature concerning pressure groups, but, instead, the objective will be to present an accurate and objective study of lobbying in the State of Virginia using those sources that are pertinent to the analysis. Serious attention has been directed at avoiding what V. O. Key has called a "muckraking tendency" in which the student portrays lobbyists as shadowy-selfish individuals or groups, all at the expense of fairness and accurateness.